From SMS advertising, to bulk email campaigns, automated voice messaging, geomarketing, field marketing and coupon and voucher booklets, Blue Label Data Solutions offers a wide range of innovative direct marketing channels designed to help you quickly and cost-effectively reach your target market LSM.

What’s more, our innovative product offerings like Automated Voice Messaging (AVM) and bulk SMS advertising enable you to cost-effectively target more traditionally difficult to reach lower LSM groups too, where literacy and access to technology have traditionally been barriers to entry.

Bulk SMS

Whether it’s to your own list or to one we provide for you, the extensive use of cellular and mobile phones by South Africans makes Blue Label Data Solutions’ bulk SMS platforms an effective, and convenient way to reach consumers for marketing purposes, including messaging and debt collection.

From marketing to political campaigning, broadcast messages, debt collection or payment reminders, our bulk SMS platform will enable you to reach, cost effectively, a large number of recipients in a single, fast distribution.

What’s more, our bulk SMS solutions have fully customisable and personalised fields, enabling you to add components such as:

  • Name & Surname
  • Amount Owed
  • Payment Due Date

Additionally, the body of the message is completely tailored to your needs, and can include your company name and contact details – the only limitation being the amount of characters you can use.

Direct responses, leads generated, reporting, and analytics statistics and feedback are made available to the client once the sending is completed, and after allowing up to 5 working days for the majority of the responses to come in.

Contained in this report, is feedback around delivery, including percentage delivered, percentage failed or undelivered, and the percentage still pending delivery.

According to current South African legislation, and the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) and WASPA (Wireless Application Service Provider’s Association) codes of conduct, each SMS must contain an option to opt out of the contact list or campaign, usually worded as: Reply STOP to opt out.

Other legislation, such as the CPA (Consumer Protection Act), PAIA (Promotion of Access to Information Act) and POPI (Protection of Personal Information Bill), also govern elements of SMS marketing, such as delivery times, data and contact list usage and more.

Blue Label Data Solutions adheres strictly to all governing body regulations, codes of conduct and legislation governing the application of databases, contact lists and bulk SMS advertising.

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