A division of the Blue Label Telecoms Group, Blue Label Data Solutions has cemented its reputation as a trusted partner in data list management and cleaning, data profiling, lead generation and & location-based marketing services, creating a formidable and competitive marketing advantage for the client base it serves, in industries ranging from marketing to financial and insurance-related services, cellular and mobile phones and even debt collection.

The extensive opted-in Blue Label Data Solutions’ database covers a wide range of up-to-date contact information across all LSM target market levels in South Africa, making us the perfect vehicle to reach both upper and lower LSM levels with your marketing or communication message.

Each of our solutions is specifically designed to bring you cost-effective methods with which you can easily and effectively communicate with your existing client base or contact database.

What’s more, our close affiliation to the Direct Marketing Organisation (DMA), means we are at the forefront of legislation governing direct marketing and database activity in South Africa and are committed to adhering to international industry best practice.

As each and every one of our systems and solutions are designed with the legislative requirements of PAIA (Promotion of Access to Information Act), POPI (Protection of Personal Information Bill) and the CPA (Consumer Protection Act) in mind, you can be sure that any Blue Label Data Solutions’ system or solution you choose will always keep you on the right side of the law.

A division of the Blue Label Telecoms Group, Blue Label Data Solutions is based at the Blue Label Telecoms Head Office in Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa, and serves the data-related and direct marketing needs of South African companies, as well as those wishing to market into Africa and South Africa.

Blue Label Telecoms is focused on taking product and services to consumers within the middle and bottom of the world’s economic pyramid, successfully processing in excess of 300 million monthly transactions through its global footprint of several hundred thousand mobile and physical points of presence, which currently spans four continents.

Blue Label’s core business is the virtual distribution of secure electronic tokens of value (predominantly prepaid airtime at present) and transactional services across its global footprint of touch points.

The group’s stated strategy is to extend its global footprint of touch points, both organically and acquisitively, to fulfill the significant demand for the delivery of multiple prepaid products and services through a single distributor, across various delivery mechanisms and via numerous merchants or vendors.

Divisions within the Blue Label Group include:

Blue Label Data Solutions partners with a wide range of companies, across various industries, in order to ensure that we are able to offer a comprehensive one-stop service to every person in our customer base.

Our partners include:

Larry Pogir

Executive Chairman

Having obtained a B.Com Degree in 1997, Larry Pogir has worked within the Private Equity Market for the past 12 years.

In November 2007, he became involved in two listings within the Blue Label Telecoms group, namely Datacel Direct and India Prepaid Services, where he held the position of Executive Director to Datacel Direct for 6 years.

Larry has vast experience in the call center and data-related products, with specialties in acquisitions and strategic growth plans, and has used his role as Executive Chairman of Blue Label Data Solutions to encourage and foster an entrepreneurial style of leadership.

Mark Brown


Mark obtained a BTech Degree in Electrical Engineering in 1986, and worked in the CTI industry for more than 20 years, including 12 years spent running his own business.

In 2003, Mark obtained his MBA from Henley Management College and in 2007, successfully sold his business to the listed group, Iliad Africa. Mark has vast experience in business development and international procurement, with specialties lying in business analysis and implementation.

As CEO of Blue Label Data Solutions, Mark believes that profit is a lagging indicator of human capital, and by recognizing peoples’ uniqueness you unleash their full potential.

Steve Monty

Information Capital and Datacision

Steve has 24 years’ overall progressive experience as a Technical Programmer, Senior Systems Analyst, Senior Technical Analyst, Systems Integrator, Project Manager, Systems Development Manager / IT Specialist, General Manager Information Technology and Business Intelligence, Senior Manager Data Management, Data Management Executive and currently as a Chief Executive Officer.

Steve has a wide variety of credit and technical expertise, ranging from systems development to business strategy. His expertise also includes large volume people leadership, leading and directing complex large-scale IT environments, with a history of working with large, listed, national and international organizations, predominantly within the credit environment.

Pierre Roux

Blue Label Data Solutions

Pierre completed a Diploma in Marketing Management (Dip IMM) in 1996, an International Diploma in Computer Studies (NCC United Kingdom) 1998, and a Certificate in Project Management (Wits Business School) 2005.

His vast IT knowledge ranges from Web Development to Network Administration (MS, Linux), Database Administration (MySQL), Shell Scripting (Linux) and System Development.

Pierre has been in the system development environment for over 10 years and has a varied skill set focused on the database and direct marketing industries.

Being aware of the many legal restrictions that surround digital marketing in the South African environment, BLDS is closely affiliated to relevant bodies governing digital and emarketing distribution and databases in South Africa, such as the DMA and WASPA.

Data Leakage Prevention (DLP): Security & Policy Audits (2012)

Penetration Testing Real Time & Batch Systems (2015)

Processing and Collection of Data Fit for Purpose & Use. (2015)

POPI Readiness Review (2016)

Information Office Established (2016)

Dedicated Complaints Department & Call-in-number.