With nearly a mobile phone per person in South Africa, there isn’t a more effective way to reach any target market LSM than through SMS or text message based mobile advertising.

Blue Label Data Solutions will assist and guide you to ensure that your marketing campaign is an SMS advertising success.

Mobile phones, whether on contract or prepaid, have permeated every facet and level of society in South Africa. Young and old, people of every colour, shape and size have embraced cellular or mobile technology.

Across the spectrum, South Africans still utilise a variety of mobile phone technologies, and a growing percentage of the population have access to smartphone devices.

SMS Advertising is a cost-effective way to reach a wide audience or specific target market LSM.

In addition, when paired with technologies like geomarketing and geospatial targeting, it can produce excellent results for retail and FMCG products, professional services, lead generation, local businesses, and more.

Blue Label Data Solutions can assist you with sourcing databases and contact lists, plus has it’s own opt-in database of over 14 million records.