In the consumer and B2B marketing arenas, few media have the power to create sales and generate leads in the way that bulk email marketing does.

From events to training and B2B professional services, Blue Label Data Solutions’ bulk email marketing platform will help you generate sales and fill seats!

What’s more, our bulk email platform can be used for any other distribution needs you may have, such as invoices and statements, newsletters, AGM reports and more.

The comprehensive tracking, reporting and analytics of our bulk email sending solution will give you detailed feedback on:

  • Hard and soft bounces
  • Open rates
  • Click through rates per click, which user on which detail clicked through

In addition, we can assist you with booking and ticketing systems for events, both paid and non-paid, plus, should you need a mini website or dedicated landing or response page, we can create it for you.

Email replies and responses can also be sent directly to you, while an account manager will be CC’ed in on all email responses, to ensure that none get lost in the mail, so to speak.

According to current South African legislation, and DMA (Direct Marketing Association) codes of conduct, each email must contain an option to opt out of the contact list or campaign, usually worded as: Click here to unsubscribe.

Other legislation, such as the CPA (Consumer Protection Act), PAIA (Promotion of Access to Information Act) and POPI (Protection of Personal Information Bill), also govern certain elements of email marketing, such as delivery times, data and contact list usage and more.

Blue Label Data Solutions adheres strictly to all governing body regulations, codes of conduct and legislation governing the application of databases, contact lists and bulk email advertising.

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